An Ode to Aging….and Anxiety

One looks in the mirror and sees a bright young woman, with shiny hair and a flawless face. Then the next day, THE VERY NEXT DAY, that same “young” woman sees wrinkles, age spots, and grey hairs….and she’s only 39!

Well, I wouldn’t say it is as bad as it sounds, I don’t look like I’m 80, and I don’t look 39 either. People often think I am still in my early/mid 30’s, so I’ll take that.

But when we are alone in front of a mirror, we notice. We notice that the eye wrinkles appeared out of nowhere. We notice our skin is discolored in certain places. We notice we have a new grey hair sticking up in the center of our scalp…..again. No one else really notices, but WE do. And dammit! I was JUST 20 yesterday!

So what is this REALLY about? No one wants to “age.” Yes, it is a part of life, I know, but when you have anxiety, you can’t help but let those aging things pile on top of your worries. AND… begin to compare yourself with others of your own age!

Why doesn’t SHE have wrinkles forming parallel lines on HER forehead?! Why doesn’t SHE have imperfect skin? Why doesn’t SHE have this same anxiety that I feel?!

The truth is: EVERYONE has their own story…..AND their own faults, imperfections, worries, etc.

One person may look flawless on the outside, but may be battling addiction of some sort. One person may have beautiful hair and her skin is radiating, but she may be going through a financial crisis. OR…..and this is the best one yet: while you may think someone else can’t possibly be going through anything wrong…..THEY may be looking at YOU and saying, “Wow, I wish I could be like HER!”

You see, we don’t see our good. We don’t give ourselves credit for our positive qualities. Our sense of humor. Our pretty eye color. Our ability to hold down a job. The fact that we are still living and breathing and have people out there who DO care for us

So as an ode to aging and anxiety, I say: I DON’T CARE! YOU CAN BRING ALL THE ANGUISH YOU WANT….AND THERE ARE DAYS YOU MAY SUCCEED IN BRINGING ME DOWN, BUT THERE WILL BE MORE DAYS YOU DON’T!! I am ME…..wrinkles, skin imperfections, anxiety disorder and ALL! I am also ME….funny, smart, a good teacher, a caring mom, and a whole lot more.

Feel free to share your thoughts on aging, imperfections, and anxiety below!

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