Dear Spouse: A letter to help deal with your loved one’s anxiety.

Dear Spouse,

Know I love you. I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of anxiety and again, and you’ve seen me here one too many times. I am like a broken record…..repeating many of the patterns that serve me no good.

You are frustrated. I can understand that. I am frustrated that I keep finding myself back here.

Know that is it not you.

I do not like to be tangled in this mess of mine. I do not like to feel trapped in my head.

Know I love you.

What can you do? First, you must know that I will always have anxiety. It doesn’t just leave. Second, you must know that there is no immediate cure all, and taking medicine and seeing a therapist will not produce a quick fix result. It will take time. Lots of time. Third, I will have good days, great days, bad days, and horrible days. This is important to know.

I’m sorry you are on this roller coaster ride with me. Please continue to listen to me even when I sound crazy. Please surprise me with random hugs and kisses, and make it a goal to make me laugh. These are little things that go a long way. These things help me not feel so alone. These things also bring my focus back to YOU and the present.

Know I love you. It may seem like there are many days when I am only focused on me. Please know that I still have to take time for me too. Just an hour or two a day. It is NOT about getting away from you. It is about self-care and working on being a better ME, so I can be better with YOU.

And please, again….know I love you.

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